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Our versatile team has over a hundred successful projects under our belt. From dubbing popular Japanese anime and TV series to various popular sports and music events, we are equipped to tackle both short and long video formats.

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Dubbing, translation, voice-over
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Dubbing, Translation, voice-over
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Dubbing, Translation, voice-over

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During the process of text adaptation, it is necessary to preserve the original meaning, which is not always an easy task. Therefore, translators are required to have a high level of language proficiency, the ability to preserve stylistic features, as well as have a broad outlook, the ability to work with contextual translation and a good sense of humor.

The Force Media team works with its own database of translators, which has high expertise in the field of audio-visual translation. We can provide translation for European language pairs, as well as from Japanese, Korean and CIS languages.


Subtitles are the text accompaniment of a video file placed at the bottom of the screen and synchronously complementing the picture. Subtitles can be not only the words of the characters, but also all kinds of comments, inscriptions. And their professional training makes the video more qualitative and convenient for perception.

Despite the apparent simplicity, the process of creating subtitles has its own nuances. That is why you can only trust subtitling to a qualified team who knows their business and is confident in their own abilities. Entrust this work to Force Media. Our specialists work for 100% result and perform their tasks as efficiently as possible.

Voice Over

The process of voicing projects is one of the important stages in the entire duplication process. 

We work with all types of voice-over: toning, voiceover, lipsing, recast and dubbing. Our team is very attentive to the wishes of partners and is always ready to find a voice actor suitable for your project.

The perception of the video includes visual content and sound, consisting not only of music that conveys the mood as accurately as possible, but also suitable voice accompaniment.

It is for this reason that voice-over services are so relevant today when creating commercials and other products for different fields of activity.

Video Postproduction

The creation of a video clip is not limited to the organization and conduct of shooting. One of the most important stages of its production is video postproduction, which includes an extensive range of basic and auxiliary processes aimed at obtaining a full-fledged multimedia product.

Such work requires the utmost attention. It is for this reason that it should be trusted only by a professional team. But who to choose and how not to make a mistake at the same time? In the Force Media studio, you will find modern equipment, experienced staff and an integrated approach to work, which allows you to get exactly the result you need in any situation.

Audio Postproduction

Audio postproduction takes up most of the time when creating a finished product and is the final voicing of materials.

Audio postproduction is used when creating sound for movies, television, video games, live broadcasts, web animation, dubbing audiobooks, as well as when creating podcasts. We are happy to provide our experience and implement the ideas of our partners.

High-quality audio post-production is possible only for a professional team that knows its business and has the necessary technical support for this. You can always entrust the implementation of the most complex and voluminous project to Force Media Studio. Customers expect an integrated approach to work, prompt service.

Video Game Localization

Localization of video games is a complete preparation of the game for release in a new country.

Localization of video games is much deeper than just preparing the translation and voicing of texts. In some cases, it may be necessary to adapt to the culture of this country. The whole process can take several years and requires careful study, as the storylines can change depending on the choice of action.

The Force Media team are professionals who are ready to take on both individual stages of work and turnkey game preparation: cast selection, recording, mixing, animation.

Music Licensing

It must be admitted that musical accompaniment plays a very important role in the creation of a film or other product.

Do you want to use the music of famous artists or popular tracks in your videos? It is better to take care of this in advance. We will help you get a license and clear the rights to a specific piece of music, we will issue all the necessary documents. You will be able to use music design in commercial advertising, video voiceover or when creating content.

Music Creation

Commercials, applications, movies, podcasts, video games, audio book chops – when designing the material with specially created music, we will emphasize and be able to convey the depth of the idea, mood and nature of the work as much as possible.


One of the additional areas that the Force Media team is working on is the creation of graphics, animation and VFX.


Dubbing allows you to effortlessly introduce your content to new linguistic markets. By seamlessly replacing the original audio with new voice recordings in a different language, you can expand your audience’s reach and boost engagement with no expensive refilming. The end result is content that feels like it was created specifically for each target market.

Sound Design

Sound design is the process of creating new musical effects, noises, as well as processing and adapting ready-made audio tracks.

Sound design has a wide range of applications:

  • Movies and cartoons;
  • Video games;
  • Commercials;
  • Applications and websites;
  • TV shows and podcasts.

Audio for TV spots

The capacities of our studio allow you to conduct live broadcasts of various broadcasts, both with the help of your announcers and by the announcers of our team.

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